Special Event

This Saturday marks the 24th annual Make a Difference Day.

Make a Difference Day is the largest national day of service across the country. People all over America are coming together to help out people in their communities.

In this community, it only takes putting a few extra things on your grocery list to make a big difference.

Walmart stores in Central Georgia are home to collection bins that 13WMAZ and Volunteer Macon want to see filled!

The Middle Georgia Community Food Bank is looking for canned goods, peanut butter, rice, beans, pasta, or any other pantry staples.

Doug Rhome from the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank says it only takes a few items to make an impact.

"The sad fact is, through the people living below poverty levels, we know there's about 150,000 people that are food insecure," he explains. "There's different levels of food insecurity, but the worst case level of that is they don't know where their next meal is coming from."

This is especially tough on children, who need to focus in school. He says that the food donations contribute to feeding stomachs as well as minds.

"Just think about it like a child who gets free or reduced lunch, or any child on the weekends. They might not have the food resources available to them, so they're skipping meals," says Rhome. "Anytime they have the chance to have a meal, or even a snack, it's going to help them to do better things and have a clear mindset. When they go to school on Monday again, they're going to be brighter and more alert."

All of the food goes to hungry families in Central Georgia, and donations will be accepted through Saturday, October 25th.


National Service Enterprise Certification 

Nonprofits that excel at leveraging the skills and talents of volunteers in their core operations are known as “Service Enterprises”, and are proven to be more adaptable, sustainable and capable of scaling their impact in comparison to peer organizations.

In fact, research conducted by the TCC Group demonstrates that organizations with 10 to 50 volunteers are equally as effective as their counterparts without volunteers on all measures of organizational effectiveness, yet their average annual budgets are also most half. When an organization reaches 50 volunteers and achieves an effective volunteer management model, not only do they lead and manage their organizations better, but they are also significantly more adaptable, sustainable and better resourced to do their work, and therefore able to sustainably go to scale.

Volunteer Macon is pleased to be partnering with the Points of Light Institute, the largest organization in the world dedication to volunteer service, to offer to nonprofit organizations in middle Georgia access to a national Service Enterprise certification that signifies your commitment to appropriately leveraging the time and talent of volunteers to meet the social mission of your organization. Volunteer Macon staff has been trained on the latest methods of capacity building thought volunteer engagement and can help guide your staff and board through a change management process to more effectively engage volunteers.

During this engagement, participating nonprofits will have access to:

• A thorough and research-based assessment of existing organizational volunteer engagement 

practices called the Service Enterprise Diagnostic (SED).

• Up to 16 hours of training to assist in reimagining the ways in which your organization engages 


• Individualized consulting to address unique organizational opportunities and challenges.

• National certification signifying the organization’s commitment to and proficiency in 

appropriately leveraging the time and skills of volunteers to meet the social mission of the 


For more information, please contact Gigi Rolfes, grolfes@volunteermacon.org. 478/742-6677

Living Well Workshops in GA

Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self-Managment Program

Do you or someone you care for suffer with any of the following symptoms?
Tense Muscles
Shortness of Breath
Difficult Emotions

Living Well Workshops are for adults with any chronic condition or for caregivers of persons with chronic conditions.  The participants learn tools to combat the symptoms mentioned above.  They also learn techniques to better manage the twist and turns of life with chronic disease.

Workshops of only 10-20 participants meet once a week, for 6 weeks.  These workshops are facilitated by 2-3 trained leaders and cover the following topics:
Medication Management
Pain/Fatigue Management
Working with the Healthcare System
Much, much more 
Dealing with Difficult Emotions
Physical Activity
Problem Solving
Goal Setting/Action Planning

This is an Evidence-Based program designed and tested by Stanford University.  Completers feel empowered to become better self-managers, improve their overall health, and enjoy their quality of life!

 In six short weeks you can put LIFE BACK IN YOUR LIFE.

 For more information:
VISIT www.selfmanage.org or www.livewellagewell.info
CONTACT VOLUNTEER MACON at 478-742-6677 or
 478-737-4868 ask for Tanya Graham-Simms.